Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Thamrincity coop

now thamrincity is having like coop. the coop indonesia, that is called koperasi jaringan kerja nusantara. it was established in this month. pak ali fikri as a chairman. pak jati eko waluyo as a secretary, and pak avian dewanto as a treasure.

now the list of member to-be is almost 400 persons. they represent their own small industry. thamrincity is located in jakarta, tanah abang. as a matter of fact, it is only 150 meters away from hi (hotel indonesia)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

thamrin city is known as jacc

As we know, know jacc has changed the name to thamrin city. it is located in tanah abang jakarta, near blok A, the groceries of fashion. mostly moslem fashion. before it was visited by some people from/ shopper from other country. like malaysia, singapore, india, etc.

very good in price and very good in quality. but thamrin city comes with very large of shopping center and the appartment arround that location. close to hotel indonesia/grand indonesia. for detail may visit www.thamrincity.com